Flash Fiction, Shorts

The Nauslid

The Nauslid waits unseen. It is between the panels of your walls, and underneath your floorboards. It is the creak you hear in the middle of the night. The tap on your windowpane. It slithers and slides in a slippery fashion and waits for sleep to take you.

When you fall asleep, it slips silently from its hiding place and as a shadow creeps to your side. It hovers over your head and feels the hot steady breath on its snout. It flicks a snakelike proboscis out that tastes the air before inserting itself in your ear canal and attaching to your cochlea.

The Nauslid feeds on the dreams you conjure up during sleep. More accurately, it is a parasite that feeds on the electrochemical signals stimulated by the dreams you dream.

There are few ways to spot the Nauslid, and all of them stress the importance of dream recall. When you wake up, write everything you remember about your dream down in a journal. Keep this up for a few weeks. If you have any recurring dreams, or nightmares, or if you have become lucid more and more frequently, the Nauslid may be present in your home.

There is no effective way to remove a Nauslid once it has claimed a host. All that is left is the knowledge that it will come for your dreams every night. So beware before you attempt to find its existence, for you very well may have it.

And the Nauslid will never leave.


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