Flash Fiction, Shorts


In the beginning there were no words. 

It all started with a single hesitant mark. Then a few more. Soon the first word was finished. It was a good word, but it seemed lonely sitting all there by itself, so another came along and took it by the hand. 

Together the two words rallied together to a single cause. Their purpose was not clear at first, but they reassured every word that followed that it would all soon make sense. They gathered hundreds of words, then thousands, and rearranged them in a cohesive order, and cut some which were not needed. They changed their minds a dozen times throughout the whole process. Then they gathered more. 

When they were finally satisfied with all of the words they had arranged, the two words placed themselves far at the back, behind every single other word. They were the final piece to their great achievement, and what fueled and motivated them to keep going. And when they sat themselves at the very last page they knew that all who read their work would be satisfied only after reading those last two words. 

The End.



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