Flash Fiction, Shorts

The Brick

Colin heard the sound of shattering glass coming from downstairs. Then a thump.

Thinking someone was trying to break in, he grabbed the only weapon he had; a small pocketknife that sat on his desk. He paused, listening. He didn’t want to take a single step if there was someone in the house. They’d hear the creak and surely come bolting up the stairs to kill him. He waited for a whole minute before he started creeping down the stairs.

There was broken glass on the floor of the living room, and one of his windows had a perfect, brick-sized hole through it. He went back upstairs, slipped on a pair of shoes, and went down again. The glass cracked under his feet as he walked over to the brick sitting on the floor.

It had a little notebook attached to it with a rubber band. Colin picked up the brick, took the notebook out and opened it.


*Note: If using brick for construction purposes, please refer to the back of the manual.

  1. If this manual was attached to a brick that was thrown through your window, you must keep it.
  2. Cover hands with gloves. (i.e. leather, latex…) Anything that will prevent fingerprints from showing on the surface of the brick.
  3. Retrieve a second brick by your own means.
  4. Secure the User Manual onto the second brick.
  5. Pick a house. Any house.
  6. Toss the brick through a window of your own choosing (See fig. 1 for proper throwing technique).

Colin set the manual aside and called the police. When they arrived, he showed them the brick and the manual and asked them what they thought of it. The officers shifted their weight and grunted, and scratched their chins, but in the end had no answer to give to Colin. They told him that they would make an effort to drive by his block more often, and that should scare whoever it was away. They left the brick and notebook with him, and said he should probably get rid of both.

Colin didn’t sleep that night. He kept thinking whoever it was would come back. He had placed the brick on the kitchen table with the User Manual until he knew what to do with it. That night, while lying in bed, his thoughts drifted toward the curious events of the past day, and if he would ever know who threw the brick. He wondered if it was the same person who had written the manual.






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