Flash Fiction, Shorts

A Perfectly Ordinary Day

Greg Thompson was a perfectly ordinary man who lived a perfectly ordinary life, and he liked it that way. He had no idea that his morning on June the 14th would bring such strange and wonderful things. If he did, he would have gone right back to sleep.

Greg relished his morning time. When he woke up he slipped on his rust-colored bathrobe, grabbed the current book he was reading, and started a pot of coffee.

Thirty minutes later, there was still no coffee. Greg walked over to the stove and began to cook some bacon and eggs. While they were sizzling, he looked at the coffee-maker and fiddled with the buttons, trying to fix it. When nothing would work, as a last resort, he unplugged it.

Time stopped.

He could tell that something was wrong because he could no longer smell bacon, and the sizzling sound had stopped. Everything was quiet and still. When Greg realized what he had done, he panicked. He didn’t want to be caught up in any sort of fantasy tale, those were only things to be read about. He plugged the coffee-maker back in, and time started again. Just to be sure he wasn’t imagining things, he unplugged it one more time. Sure enough, the stillness returned.

He plugged it back in, and left it that way.







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