Flash Fiction, Shorts

Just a Figment

Steven and I have been friends for years, practically forever. I can’t even remember him not being there. We used to spend countless hours playing outside in his backyard together. We would go exploring and climb trees and squash nasty bugs we found. When we went to school, we would sit next to each other in the back and write notes and goof around. He would always get in trouble, but I never did. Sometimes he got mad at me for that, like I should be getting in trouble too, and that would somehow make things better. During lunch periods we sat at a table by ourselves, complaining about how boring classes were and planning what we would do after school. No one else really talked to us. Well, they’d talk to Steven sometimes. He was more popular, I guess. No one even seemed to look at me, like they were ignoring me on purpose. Steven said it was because they didn’t understand why we were friends.

One night I was over at Steven’s house for dinner, but there was no plate set out for me. Steven and his mom got into a fight then. He said he wanted me to eat with us, and she said that that was impossible. I just left.

When I came back the next day, Steven said we couldn’t be friends anymore. His mom said that he was too old for me. I told him that we were the same age, and that didn’t make sense. Then he started crying, and said he didn’t understand. His mom was having a doctor visit the house today, and he was missing school. He said if I were quiet, I could come back later.

Steven won’t talk to me anymore. It’s been a week now since the doctor’s visit, and he hasn’t said a word to me. I follow him everywhere. I try to get him to talk, but he just acts like I’m not even there. It’s so lonely without him talking to me. I realized I don’t have any other friends besides him. Sometimes, I think he can hear me, but then he just goes back to doing whatever.

Maybe I’m just imagining things.



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